Fabrication & Assembly

It involves the manufacturing and construction of various components and structures used in oil and gas exploration, production, and transportation.

Grab Sampling Systems

Safely capture representative samples of liquid or gas from process lines.

Gas Distribution Systems

Easy to configure gas delivery systems, Custom & optimized panel design.

Mechanical Seal Support Systems

Our mechanical seal support systems: Keeps rotating equipment online, Increased operation efficiency, Minimize downtime, Reduce cost, Savetime.

Fluid system sample evaluation

Fluid system sample evaluation involves assessing the performance, functionality, and characteristics of a fluid system sample. This evaluation process helps to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the system, identify any potential issues or improvements, and ensure it meets the required specifications and standards.

Fluid system advisory service / Facility Evaluation

Fluid system advisory service or facility evaluation typically involves a team of experienced engineers or consultants who specialize in fluid systems. They assess the existing system, analyze data, conduct tests if required, and provide a detailed report with findings, recommendations, and an action plan for optimizing the fluid system's performance, safety, and efficiency.